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UNISA 2023 Application Open and Closing Dates, UNISA 2020 Application, UNISA Short Learning Programmes requirements

Firstly, before one can be able to check his application status for the UNISA application applicant must make sure they have registered. You can register or apply here is you haven’t done so. [UNISA REGISTRATION]

In addition to the registration, one must also make sure that they have their, Student numberSurnameFull first names, and Date of birth, all available before moving to the registration process.

Please note:

  1. People who apply for the UNISA and do not qualify would have an instant message to ascertain that their application was unable to go through.
  2. The new selection and application process would not allow for applicants  to automatically be accepted to study through Unisa in 2022.
  3. Those who qualify will only receive final feedback as to whether or not Unisa will offer them a space for semester 1 of the 2022 academic year

I’ve received an offer. What must I do?

  1. Firstly one must make sure to complete the First-Year Experience MOOC (FYE massive open online course) before they can proceed to the new step of the application.
  2. Applicants must go to to accept or decline Unisa’s offer for semester 1 of the 2021 academic year within the prescribed timeframe. (The duration is estimated to be 10 days)
  3. Register for the 2021 academic year. Registration for semester 1 of the 2021 academic year opens on 4 January 2021. Applicants who are unable to apply on time would have to re-apply again  during the next application period.

My application was unsuccessful. What can I do?

Once your application was unable to go through successfully. One has the opportunity to look at other study options.